I Remember…

I am not from the world war generations or pearl harbor. I am not from the kennedy generation or remember much about nixon. But I do remember 9/11.

I was in St. louis working at a retail store. My wife and son were at home and all of a sudden a customer comes in and tells us a plane hit the tower. I was floored. This didn’t even register. then the next tower…then….

Even to this day it is wild to think that something like this happened. I am from NY and have friends and family there. some could have died and some literally just missed.

I don’t understand peoples motives to do such and thing and I pray for healing in the hearts of the extremists.

Thank God He is in control.

Let us never forget this day, the lives lost, and the heroes made.



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  1. Lori Avatar

    I was at work in a lab where radios were not allowed. We had one anyway. All of a sudden, a manager came in with a very stern look on her face and demanded to know if we still had a radio. I didn’t know how to respond. She quickly realized my concern, and said something just happened in New York, and we needed to turn on the radio to find out more. We all stood there, about 10 of us, huddled around this radio with very poor reception…and then it happened again. We couldn’t move. And then, after a while it seemed as though it was over. Alone in the lab, I listened as a report was coming in from a Washington correspondent, talking about the White House reaction. And in horror I stood and listened as it happened again….and then….again.

    I went home numb. I told my husband I wanted to go to New York and help. Coming from a very long line of patriots, it tore my heart out to think that this, MY country, MY homeland, MY safe place, was being attacked and all I could do was stand and listen crowded over a radio with very poor reception.

    I too pray for healing in the hearts of the nations that contributed to this, and especially for the families who lost loved ones. The hate and anger that grows from a wound like 9/11 is the poision of the next generation.

  2. Rich Avatar

    I was at work, and someone heard that something happened. So we all went upstairs to the small TV to watch. It was so surreal, I actually thought it might be a hoax, a TV show. I quickly realized that it wasn’t. Then the panic set in. What about other planes? Will I make it home safe? How large scale attack was this? To see 2 huge buildings in New York go down…wow. Scary. There was some talk that major roads would be closed. I worried about my wife, my parents, my friends.

    I was angry. How dare they hit our country. And the worst part was that the planes came from Boston, my hometown. I wanted to get back at them.

    It feels distant now, but we MUST be diligent, because they hate us; both for our government policies and because we’re christians. We lost something that day. I pray we get beyond it, and above it. I pray that in some way, I can bring a message to even one terrorist….God loves you.

  3. klampert Avatar

    wow those are some great stories..It;s interesting…I think we will all know this for a long long time

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