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August 30, 2007 — 12 Comments

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In Nov of 2006 I announced a release from inspired by called the Bible Experience. It is the bible on audio CD with some very famous actors and talents. Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many more… FULL CAST LIST
At that time all that was out was the new Testament.

I am happy to announce that both are available below. along with a complete bible version in one package

New Testament

Old Testament

Let me tell you these CD’s were quite a surprise. There have not been very many good sounding readings of the word. This one is acted out by professionals and it is brilliant. I love listening to it and my kids love it as well.

get these…I think they are invaluable


Joel Klampert

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12 responses to Inspired by…The Bible Experience

  1. So whats on my wishlist? Yep…this would be it

  2. oh yes…this should be on everybodys wish list

  3. Yeah…pretty cool. I’d definitely like a copy.

    But I did wonder as I watched the video…are there no talented voice over artists that are white? 😉

  4. ha ha…there are this started out of black congregations.

    Blair Underwood is amazing as jesus…absolutely inspiring..its worth it just for the gospels

  5. For what it’s worth there is another high production audio Bible coming out in October 2007 called The Word of Promise. Features Jim Caviezel as Jesus along with an all star cast. Defintely worth checking out. Here is their website

  6. A friend of mine gave me The Bible Experience and it really did bring the scriptures to life. I love it. I found a Bible that goes with it that is so readable called the TNIV Bible. I looked at that Word of Promise and it didn’t have the same dramatic feeling as Bible Experience in my mind. And isn’t Jim Cavezel like yesterday’s news?

  7. Hello everyone,

    My church in Wilmington, DE is having a Joy Night Service and we are interested in having some gospel spoken word artists come and perform on October 26, 2007. If anyone is interested, please email me at


  8. Check out the new video and audio clips on Well worth a watch and a listen.

  9. I think Jim playing Jesus again is a little done. Hollywood actors say they don’t want to be type cast they should do something else. However, I think the Word of Promise is a good product just a different take on it. We need competition in this field. As far as The Bible Experience goes, it is now downloadable in iTunes and If you can wait a few more weeks, it comes to stores October 22.

  10. yeah the word of promise looks good, but the bible experience is amazing…thanks for the heads up on the release date joy

  11. Thanks for your support of the Bible Experience. I am an employee at Zondervan and I was wondering if you were interested in posting a widget that we have on our webstie. Just go to and there is a grey widget on the right-hand side that shows a cover of the product. Just click on “add” and the HTML should display. Thanks! Hope you enjoy listening to the Bible Experience and thanks again for your support!

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