40,000 hits

so this site has broken 40,000 hits in a year. Fantastic…thanks to everybody who check this site out. My hope is it is being used as a resource like the title suggests. anybody?

New Goals:

1. 50,000 hits (very soon)

2. and a few more people linking to here so I can get a technorati link under 100,000

I plan on once close to 50,000 running a contest…

what do you think.

Is this blog helpful or just enjoyable?

Is this blog challenging and inspiring?



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12 responses to “40,000 hits”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    I LOVE IT!!!

    You’ve been tagged btw.

  2. klampert Avatar

    oh yeah man… i know..Im getting on that…can I do 2? lol

  3. Fred Avatar

    u know I’m with ya! I’m stuck on 121,000 w/ Techno, but I think if they didn’t split my hits up between /myblog and the root, I’d be much better … oh well!

  4. […] I had only 11 hits on my blog. In August I netted over 3500. That’s still small compared to some guys, but I’m not gonna gripe about a 320% […]

  5. Chris Avatar

    Congrats. Here’s to the next 40,000!

  6. Darren Avatar

    I have found it helpful, although our taste in music is pretty different. I always enjoy coming on Mondays to see what you played the day before.

  7. Stephen Barry Avatar

    I have been enjoying your blog “from a distance” for about a month now–not commenting–but enjoy and am challenged by a lot of your ideas. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us and keep up the great work in Jesus’ name!


  8. klampert Avatar

    Stephen ..oh man…now ive gotta add you to my blogroll and looks like (from reading some of your posts) to my google reader..
    thanks for coming by…and keep talking on here

  9. snowjunkie Avatar

    The worship blog world wouldn’t be the same without you Joel!

  10. klampert Avatar

    wow man…that is wicked nice….right back at ya buddy

  11. worshipcity Avatar

    Can’t it be both: helpful AND enjoyable! I think so!!
    I don’t know about challenging but definitely inspiring! Keep it up man.

  12. klampert Avatar

    doh…im not challenging…hmmm..gonna have to try harder then

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