Why do you lead worship.. hmm

Mandy asked “why do you lead worship…what got you there”

short question…long answer…

Since I have a ton of new people reading…here is my “Worship/Life Testimony” 


4 responses to “Why do you lead worship.. hmm”

  1. mandythompson Avatar

    LOL! that was quite long…. but a very clear record of what you’re doing. and its valuable… i like that you can trace through every influence and opportunity….
    and YWAM is fertile soil for growing worship leaders!

  2. klampert Avatar

    ha yeah Im not one to post long stuff. but a testimony is kinda hard to sum up in a paragraph. lol

  3. Russ Avatar


    Thanks for the comments over on Ordinary Radical. Very much appreciated! Also, thanks for the blogroll love! I’ll return the favor.


  4. klampert Avatar

    no prob Russ…dont be a stranger

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