AHHH! what the heck

I had a code issue due to me I guess being too tired. Braindead or not…all is well.






9 responses to “AHHH! what the heck”

  1. snowjunkie Avatar

    It seems you were linking to the ftp address rather than the http address for the image. Would that be it?

  2. klampert Avatar

    nope.lol…it actually had to do with the dashes in the file name…didn’t like them. lol
    let me know if you get same issue with files I just put up.

  3. klampert Avatar

    oh wait…dashes and ftp. lol arg…how could I miss that. stupid joel strikes again

  4. inWorship Avatar

    Hey I’m still getting the authentication popup.

    But, heck nothing could keep me away from here 🙂

    And, I do really like Sara Groves as well!

  5. klampert Avatar

    see thats what I need you for…one of the codes I put in didn”t take…should be good to go now.
    sara rules…and im glad your stuck here. lol

  6. inWorship Avatar

    It’s working!!!!!

    I knew you’d handle it. And, your code treating me perfect, thanks.

  7. klampert Avatar

    ha ha…no problem

  8. mandythompson Avatar

    all clear……
    wondered what was going on!

  9. klampert Avatar

    yeah me too mandy…that will teach me to try to blog at 3 AM

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