Top 10 posts in the last 30 days

Here are the top 10 posts here in the last 30 days based on hits. Go back and check these out if you have missed them.

“My King” – Dr. S.M. Lockridge
Hillsong United – All of the Above (Revi
Top Worship Lyrics
Worship Master List
My guitars (things in my bag)
Vicky Beeching Painting the Invisble
Brian Doerksen Holy God
Top 25 Downloads for USA Feb 20


One response to “Top 10 posts in the last 30 days”

  1. Billy Chia Avatar

    Very cool post. I was thinking about doing this at Inept as Icing at the end of each month. (If I actually do it this month I’ll probably do one for the last 3 months)

    I think it helps new people to your blog know where to start.

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