Aug 12 2007 Set List

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us – D (Townend)
Before The Throne of God Above – D

Here is Our King – G (Crowder)
You Amaze Me – G (Michael Neale)
Awesome God – G (Beeching)
Hallelujah Love Song – G (klampert, Hanlon)

Open the Eyes – E (Baloche)

Lead me to the Cross – D (Fraser)

Holy – C (Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith – Dm (Klampert)

Jesus Paid it All – G
Enough – G (Tomlin, Giglio)
Holy is the Lord – G (Tomlin, Giglio)

You Amaze Me – G (Michael Neale)
Bless His Name – A (Sanchez) ALT. Song
More Than Ever – D (Reider) ALT. Song


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  1. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    Hey Joel –

    Seems like I’ve asked this b4, but how long is your service?

  2. aawp Avatar

    That’s my questions also. How long is the praise and worship (a.k.a. music) portion of the service. It seems like you guys do a lot of songs for a Sunday morning service.

  3. klampert Avatar

    we start at 10..
    processional is a hymn usually.

    then a prayer

    Praise section is around 20-25 min…

    its now 10:30

    we have readings and announcements. During the readings is the chorus from whatever song thats listed under gospel.

    then the sermon…35-42 min.

    offering is rather quick…one song straight through

    communion we do a sanctus and mystery of faith…very short liturgical songs…and then during I do as many songs or as long as it takes for it to be done…usually 2 and one after.

    then a finish with a benedictian into a final song

    service is usually over at 11:45

    so it’s 1hour 45 minutes

    It does seem like a ton of songs…and well it is, but We do blended worship…which too often misconstrued with hymns and modern worship. we blend our hymns with our modern along with blending it with our sacramental worship as well. so it all blends and flows really well.

  4. A. Avatar

    I love the song “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us!” 🙂

    Also, I have to say–I honestly wish our services were as long as yours–& I thought we had more music time than most churches (& usually a sermon lasting at least 45 minutes). Our services are between 1 hour 15-25 minutes on average.

  5. saintlewis Avatar

    Man…that’s a GREAT SET!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love your taste in music!

  6. mandythompson Avatar

    we did Enough this sunday as well.
    and, I’ve been to a traditional Episcopal service up here… man, its LONG!!!!!
    but the chanting is my favorite part.

  7. worshipguitarist Avatar

    Here’s ours:

    B – Salvation is Here


    A – O Praise Him
    A – How Great is Our God
    A – Your Name


    D – The Wonderful Cross

    Closing – Salvation is Here (chorus/instrumental)

  8. Jeff Thompson Avatar

    Hey Bro,

    How did “Lead Me To The Cross” go over? I’m thinking about doing that one… Did you guys to a version that was pretty true to the recording or did you rearrange it?

  9. Jon Avatar

    Sounds like good stuff!

  10. klampert Avatar

    A. yeah that song is amazing

    Saintlewis: thanks man…I love yours as well

    Mandy: some episcopal churches are long. the Charasmatic Epicopal church is not part of the epicopal church. Episcopal means having bishops…which is why we use the word.. but we are not associated with ECUSA

    Worshipguitarist..nice man. great set…which your name is that?

    Jeff..It went great…I left the yeahhhh after the first verse out…and just went right into the second one…and I didnt do the to your heart bridge…everything else the same…Its a great key…the original..def. do it. I love that song

    Jon: it was dude..and happy blog anniversary

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