A what the heck kinda week

A friend of mine from the blog world is going through a real hard time (this doesn’t even begin to describe it). Last week it was business as usual and this week the blogsphere that I have grown to love is now in an upheaval because A brother is in serious trouble. At this point I can’t say much. Others have expressed their thoughts and prayers through song lyrics and emails with questions.

I say this..

“BY HIS STRIPES YOU ARE HEALED!” if there ever was a time for me to pray this out its now.

We have a GOD of healing, hope, love, truth, faithfulness…

A God who answers prayers..

And while I don’t know his will I do know what I want and I plead on my friend and his family’s behalf…

Be healed in Jesus name and let Your glory be revealed!


2 responses to “A what the heck kinda week”

  1. David Avatar

    Amen to that, Joel. HE is the great physician and HE has the power to heal and to save. We join you in your plea on behalf of our brother in Christ.

  2. Aaron Avatar

    Brother I cannot thank you enough for this post. So true that we’ve all been touched and changed this week. Our brother is a warrior, a leader and a fighter. While he is all those things, God is more. He will order his steps, set his feet on the rock and together, they will face this journey. I probably speak for him when I say thank you. Thank you to all of our brothers at AC180 that have stepped in to intercede.

    God knew, long before AC180 that this was coming. He knew that we would all, especially Stef, need a brotherhood to share the journey and cover this man and his family in prayer. For that I praise him!

    Thank you again. By his stripes….

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