June 24th Set List

Worship Confessional:
What a great sunday. We did Bless his name for the first time this week and I thought it was fantastic. Everybody loved it. The praise section was awesome. A normal set…Tomlin crowder…a little beeching and then an original. Then communion came and I did Lead me to the cross from Brooke Fraser from Hillsong Unite’s New CD. Oh man do I love this song and what a perfect song to do before communion.
Ending in You never let go was great. Our church gets so fired up with that song. I just love it. It is a must do!


A/G – Bless His Name (Sanchez/Vineyard)


G – Your Grace is Enough (Tomlin)

G – O Praise Him (Crowder)

G/Em – Awesome God (Beeching)

Em- Hallelujah Love Song (Klampert, Hanlon, Reynolds)


Open the Eyes


Bm – Lead me to the Cross (Brooke Fraser United)


G – Potter’s Hand (Hillsongs)

G – Enough (Tomlin)


A – Never Let Go (Redman)

A/G – Bless His Name (Sanchez/Vineyard)


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  1. Paul J. Avatar

    Haven’t heard “Bless His Name”. What’s the CD?

  2. klampert Avatar

    Bless his name is on sweetly broken and the more than ever live both from vineyard Music

  3. Scottie Avatar

    Just some more information:

    The version on the CD “Sweetly Broken” on Vineyard USA Playlist is the version that Tony Sanchez sings on. Our church has worn this song out, and they still love it. I think this version of the song is more in tune with the writer’s vision for the song, and is probably more suitable for most Sunday-morning worship sets.

    If you are doing worship for a youth band and want a totally rocked-out, guitar-laden version, get More Than Ever:Live From The Rockies. It’s not that the Playlist version doesn’t have tons of energy, but But the More Than Ever version takes it to a whole new place.

    BTW, the song is also available on a 3rd CD from Vineyard Music USA on their Club CD titled “Bless His Name”. This was the original VMUSA release that the song was published on.


  4. Scottie Avatar

    Here, let me make this easier:

    You can find “Bless His Name” on these CD’s:

    Sweetly Broken (Vineyard Playlist)

    More Than Ever: Live From The Rockies

    Bless His Name (Club Vineyard)


  5. klampert Avatar

    Scottie: You are dead on. Iv’e known this song for a while but just decided to bring it to the church. It is am amazing song.

    Thanks for coming by…comment often.

  6. Darren Avatar

    That sounds like a great song!

  7. Darren Avatar

    I’ve been gone on vacation, so I’m posting 2 set lists – hope that’s okay 🙂

    June 10 – Feast of Corpus Christi, so we had a procession outside around the block. First the cross, then me as the deacon with the consecrated Host, then the people, followed by our priest. Lots of fun. The guitarist chose 3 songs:

    When the Saints Come Marching In
    I’m Trading My Sorrows
    Yes Lord

    Praise and Adoration:
    Em – God and Man at Table are Sat Down
    E – You are my All in All – Dennis Jernigan
    A – Jude Doxology – Terry Butler

    C – Christ, We Do All Adore Thee

    Had it been me choosing the music, we would have done more traditional Eucharistic hymns for the procession. Of course, everyone would have gotten completely out of breath doing that, so I was very glad that the guitarist chose ones that are easy to sing.

  8. Darren Avatar

    Set list for June 24 – in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, this is celebrated as Foundation Day, the beginning of our communion. Thus, the songs were Church focused.

    Opening song:
    D – He Has Made Me Glad – Leona von Brethorst

    D – The Church’s One Foundation – Samuel Stone

    D – Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Keith Green

    Praise and Adoration:
    G – Majesty – Jack Hayford
    C – Resting Place – Daphne Rademaker
    D – I Love the House Where You Live, O Lord – Jim Ball

    C – O God, Our Help in Ages Past – Isaac Watts

    “I Love the House” is written by a CEC priest who is the brother of our former worship leader. It fits well in services like this that focus on Church unity.

  9. klampert Avatar

    Darren: of course man post all you want.. I love it.
    great sets by the way.. some very cool choices.

    I dont know if you noticed but I posted the Mp3 of a Communion Song I wrote and the new Gloria we wrote. check them out.

  10. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite set lists I’ve ever seen – I wish I were there!

  11. klampert Avatar

    ha ha ha…I wish you were also buddy….that reminds me…I need to post last weeks service

  12. Bridget Avatar

    Potter’s Hand is a fabulous song; never thought about doing that for communion. Great idea. I enjoy your “worship confessional.”

  13. klampert Avatar

    thanks Bridget. Ive gotta get a camera on those confessionals, but I think Im gonna try instead of textfessionals maybe audiofessionals. lol

    anyway…I just checked out your site…really nice stuff.gonna add you to the blogroll..are you from LI NY?

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