Sackcloth: a new design

This is the last design for our inaugural print run. WE PROMISE!

This new one comes out of Revelation. Isn’t it amazing that there are creatures in heaven that worship the king 24-7 singing holy holy holy…? This design is to illustrate that and to be a reminder that our King is worthy of such unending praise.

Click image below to go to site. and you can see image on shirt on merch/order page


3 responses to “Sackcloth: a new design”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    I don’t think the link you THINK you have is the link you HAVE….

  2. klampert Avatar

    thanks big guy.

    everything is ready to go…so what are you getting paul?

  3. Merrill Amram Avatar

    oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Merrill Amram.

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