Sackcloth Vote

A new company seeks your opinion on their logo. They are called SACKCLOTH. Please comment if which font you like A or B …and which color you prefer. mustard, orange, red, green.
An announcement will be made soon concerning what this is all about. and trust me You will like it.

here is the logo…Make sure you Click for full view because small is bad resolution



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9 responses to “Sackcloth Vote”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Im definitely digging the two on the right side. I think those colors and fonts work best.

  2. snowjunkie Avatar

    B for me too.

  3. TJ Avatar

    I’ll take door B in red

  4. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    B-Red, all the way for me.

  5. klampert Avatar

    interesting results…i personally liked A in red

  6. Lori Avatar

    Ok….one vote here for B, Mustard, an one vote for B, Red

  7. worshipcity Avatar

    I’m digging B red or orange although I already know the answer from your partner 🙂 I’M TOTALLY FLIPPIN’ STOKED!

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