Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 29th)

Here we go again folks. What are your top 5 CD’s this week?

1. Hillsong United – All of the Above: Killer new CD that I can’t get enough of.

2. Paul Baloche – Offering: Classic CD of one of the top worship leaders there is. I consider him to be one of the guys I look to for how it’s done.

3. Matt Redman – Beautiful News: Redman switches it up on this one…Sure there is classic redman sound, but there is also redman doing U2 sound etc. It just plain rocks

4. Regina Spector-  IS ANY BODY ELSE GONNA CHECK HER OUT..>AMAZING…bah here’s a video


5. last but not least  Charlie Hall – Flying into Daybreak


5 responses to “Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 29th)”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    1. Nothing Left To Lose – Mat Kearney
    2. Chronology VI – Third Day
    3. Don’t Get Comfortable – Brandon Heath
    4. See The Morning – Chris Tomlin
    5. Cinematics – The Cinematics

  2. klampert Avatar

    how is that brandon heath CD…I like his single but never messed with the rest of it.

  3. snowjunkie Avatar

    I like Regina Spektor – she’s very talented.

  4. mudpuppy Avatar

    It’s OK. I wanted to give a few solid listens this week to see what sticks.

    Beauty Divine is worth the price of admission though. Our God Reigns is growing on me as well.

  5. klampert Avatar

    Our God reigns is the one i like…Im gonna have to check out beauty divine…

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