May 27th Set List

This is the sheet I use when I put together my set list.

As always Worship leaders post your set lists or a link to where we can find your set list.

Worship Confessional: This weeks service was great. A memorial day service with prayer for those we have lost. We opened with new hymn Before the Throne of God above. I love that hymn. Next our new gloria which people are really liking. (Darren I will have it to you within a week) Beautiful one was done fast then slow then fast and then right into Everlasting God chorus. That worked out great and of course that is becoming a favorite of the church. A couple of standards….Great I am written by me and an old friend in Oregon played in a different key then normal. It made it great right before communion. Did only You for communion which I love but it is a hard song to sing with other songs because it is a weird rhythm. And then we ended with the classic Delirious Song. All in all a very worshipful service, but it will be real nice to get a bass player. Acoustic only again for the 3rd week. While I love that it is difficult to move in the dynamics as much.

SUNDAY LITURGY: Season: Easter 7 Date: May 26h 2007

Subject: wiiWorship Part 2




Procession Hymn: Before the Throne of God above D

Opening Acclamation Collect for Purity / General Confession / Absolution


Worship in Song Gloria (we praise your name) Klampert D

Beautiful One (Hughes) A

Everlasting God (Brown) A

Blessed be Your Name (Redman) A

Shout to the Lord A


Possible Special ________________________________________ ____


OT Reading


NT Reading

Gospel Procession Ancient Words E

Gospel Reading


Creed & Prayers

Offertory Great I am (Klampert) C



Sanctus Holy Holy (Knott) C


Mystery of Faith ________________________________________ ____

Our Father

By Your Grace (Klampert) Am/C
Only You (Crowder) C

Post Communion

Prayer/ Blessing

Recessional: Did you Feel the Mountains Tremble C


10 responses to “May 27th Set List”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    We do “Everlasting God” in C, and right now we’re doing Tomlin’s arrangement off of “See The Morning”.
    I didn’t know anyone else had recorded “Rising”. I’ll have to check out that arrangement.
    As far as mp3’s of our songs, I need to get past the “this recording stinks, I’m going to wait until I really get it right” thing about my music. Hopefully in the not-too-distant-future I’ll add a page to my blog with our original worship songs (mp3’s, lead sheets and charts).

  2. worshipguitarist Avatar

    Because of Your Love (G)
    Everyday (B)
    Every Move I Make (G)
    Here I Am To Worship (E)
    Your Love is Deep (D)

    This weekend we had all the kiddos age 4-up in the service. We did “Every Move I Make” especially for them, because they do that in their service with hand motions. It was pretty cool to have them in the congregation this week.

  3. klampert Avatar

    Paul: yeah thats a tough one to get past. lol cant wait to see it…I put 2 of my originals up with really crappy recordings….you can

    Worshipguitarist: hey man…nice set list. I love every move I make. sounds like it was a fun service. who does your love is deep?

  4. worshipguitarist Avatar

    It’s a Jami Smith tune.

    Check her out here.

  5. Scott Keller Avatar

    Wow, that’s is a large number of songs.

    We usually do 5 at the front of our service, and once in a while we do a song at the end of the service.

    How long are your services? Ours is 90 minutes. I lead worship at a Vineyard church.

    Thanks! I l love you blog!


  6. klampert Avatar

    Ah yes jami smith …wash ove rme girl…love her sound

    Scott: thanks for dropping by…I’ve been to your site..Feel free to post what songs your doing…I saw the new vineyard listed on your site and I LOVE THAT CD. robbie reider is awesome.

    It is a large # of songs but it is also a liturgical service so we have a song for our readings and offering along with songs for communion which we do weekly. Our service isnt much longer…usually 1 hour 40 minutes..

    Oh and I glad you love the blog…stick around. lol

  7. Darren Avatar

    All right, here’s our set list, only 2 days late ๐Ÿ™‚

    Opening Song:
    C โ€“ From the Sunโ€™s Rising

    Love Divine, All Loves Excelling โ€“ Ab โ€“ Charles Wesley

    Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart โ€“ Bb โ€“ George Croly
    Shout to the North โ€“ G โ€“ Martin Smith
    Let the River Flow โ€“ E โ€“ Darrell Evans

    Spirit Song โ€“ D โ€“ John Wimber

    Breathe on Me, Breath of God โ€“ F โ€“ Edwin Hatch

    For Pentecost season, our priest wants us to do an upbeat opening song each Sunday before the processional. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone besides me knew the one I chose (“From the Sun’s Rising”). I’ll know better next week.

    “Love Divine” has a great line in verse two that really fit the feast day of Pentecost: “Breathe, O breathe Thy loving Spirit, Into every troubled breast!”

    I actually did a solo during Commuinon called “O Holy Spirit, Snow-White Dove.” It’s from a 19th century poem, and one of the men in my previous church had put it to music.

    Question related to the discussion we were having earlier about “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.” One of my friends refuses for doctrinal reasons to sing “Shout to the North” because he believes that the line about “church with broken wings” is theologically incorrect. Comments, anyone? I think it’s just an honest reflection of the current state of the church.

  8. klampert Avatar

    Nice Darren…Sounds like a great service.
    I love Shout to the North and Let the river flow.

    Interesting thoughts on shout to the north. My thoughts are that most worship songs with more than three words can be picked apart and shredded and then you find all kinds of stuff you dont agree with. I think sometimes we go a little too far.

    I was reading a worship leaders site who doesnt do above all because it says you thought of me above all and he says …no he didnt.
    Another guy I know wont do a song that says God is our friend because that makes him less soverign and more of a buddy.

    I think sometimes we need to get into a different frameset when evaluating…
    I bet we could have the same issues with even the Psalms if we tried

  9. Lori Avatar

    i’m workin on it Joel, i’m workin on it!

  10. klampert Avatar

    Lori…no worries…thanks for being so dedicated to learning and using your gifts for God.

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