Hillsong United – All of the Above (Review)

Song by song with conclusion

Point of difference – I really liked this song. It builds and builds. Great dynamics. Joel Houston is a great writer.

Break free – Great guitar riff. I love this song. I can’t use it for corporate worship but a great concert song/ workout song

Desperate people – One of the best tracks on the CD. This one really benfited from a studio recording with all of the cool layering

Devotion – I really like this song a ton. great chorus “when you stand the tall trees and mountains bow” Wow!

Draw me closer [Selah] – Interesting little Selah. didn’t feel very cohesive to me though

Lead me to the cross – Newcomer Brooke Fraser on this track. And wow. She has a killer voice and she can write. This is easily my favorite song on the CD. I consider this a how great is our God anthem song and easily on par. Great bridge. She has a sarah mcloghlin meets cardigans type of voice…a mix of power and surrender.

Found – It’s good but one of the lack luster ones.

Hosanna – We have all seen the video on line with brooke fraser. and this is probablly the second best song on the CD. here we have another anthem easily usable in corporate worship. Great dynamics in this one and really brings you into worship

For all who are to come [Selah] – Hosanna goes right into Brooke singing in the spirit and it is a really powerful selah. The band is righ thtere with it and you really forget it is a studio CD

Solution -I know everybody was waiting for this one, but I guess I’ll be the first to say. Eh…it’s ok…maybe it will grow on me. so far I can’t stand all of the Whoa’s. lol

My future decided – I love this one. comes out of left feild and it’s got a great vibe.

Never let me go – Cool song. Joel delivers again with a pretty simple song with great lyrics

You – Ok this one doesn’t even sound like United. Actually it sounds like late 90’s vineyard. Great keys and Airy. Like Breath. I think this will be the least popular song on the cD for most, but I also think may be a very powerful song to do in worship. The simple chorus “You Lord,You Lord, You are Lord” is really powerful

Savior King – Great vocals on this one. and the lyrics are fantastic. I think this one would have been better somewhere else on the CD. Like say #3.

In conclusion: I really like this follow up CD from the last chart topping one. It is a first attempt into studio recoring and I did’t feel like it lost anything because of it. the addition of the Brooke Fraser could possibly catapult this CD into the homes and church where cutting edge for them is Tomlin. Great lyrics and shows the maturity in song writing more than the last CD. side note: cover is wicked boring…inside is wicked cool.

This is a must have CD. Go buy it now.


17 responses to “Hillsong United – All of the Above (Review)”

  1. Jon Avatar

    Just picked it up.. great CD!

  2. Kurt Avatar

    I’ll check it out.

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    Great review buddy! I’m glad to see us on par with one another again 🙂 Thank you for putting a name with the voice for me! Man that girl has some passion in her voice. I love it!
    I didn’t even stop to ask the question: corporate or not? Even if you decide these songs are appropriate for your congregation, the level of musicianship is up there. The studio quality is amazing and yes, Desperate People is one of my favs but sweet Lord the layering! HAHAHA.

  4. klampert Avatar

    Kurt: you wont be sorry

    Worship City: yeah very similar opinions…They are great musicians and I can see it being tough for a church with just a guitar thinking they can even do any of these, but they actually can do a few

  5. cameronj Avatar

    After seeing them live…I think Savior King is one of the best songs on the album. I can only imagine Gods presence in the studio when they were recording. It is so powerful. I agree though Hosanna with Brooke is amazing…

  6. klampert Avatar

    cameronj…I would love to see them…great pics on your site man…you were close

  7. Jon Avatar

    Great CD.

  8. Hannah Avatar

    I pretty much agree with the whole review. I love this CD! Brooke Fraser is amazing. You should check out her CD as well.

  9. johana Avatar

    hola espero keme entiendan habloalg de inglesperopokisimo lo unicokekiero decir eske hillsong es un grupo demucha bendicionministra el corazon de Dios ministra mi vida grandemente sumusica toca realmente las fibras mas profundas de mi sersinmfuerapor su alabanza y su frma de adorar um bueno es unn grupo muy especial y deseo de todo corazon ke sigan siendo de bendicion para todo elmundo por ke realmente son un ministerio de Dios

  10. David Avatar

    why do a reviews of worship? isnt it for God and not for us?

  11. klampert Avatar

    interesting comment. thanks david

    the truth is some of the Cd’s are better than others…and while they are for God they are marketed to us. on top of that most of my reviews are for weather or not the songs on the CD will work in a church setting.

    If we said why review a CD isn’t it for God then that could apply to everything we do in life…why review a book, a business….etc etc…pretty anything with a christian who runs it because we do everything for Christ.

    What it comes down to is that we are called to be committed to excellence for Him…reviews also help those who did this or do things like it to be better

  12. Noel Avatar

    what effects do you use for the break free and my future decided… thanks

  13. klampert Avatar

    hey noel…I haven’t introduced these yet in the church ,but I have played with them

    Break free with tube screamer distortion and a little overdrive with reverb ampd up

    my future add in a little delay

  14. Jordan Avatar

    Brooke’s been on a lot of the other albums too. She also had recently finished an international tour for her own solo music.

  15. ken Avatar

    the songs of hillsongs are very uplifting in terms of spiritual virtue.It is not just an ordinary christian songs but a songs that makes are spirit being connected with our Lord God. hope they will continue writting songs becouse it really give honor to our savior.

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