Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 21st)

It’s monday and it’s that time again…woo hoo.

What are your top played Cd’s this week

1. More than Ever – Vineyard

Robbie Reider really kicks it on this CD

2. Hymns – Matt Papa Chris coor

3. Here in America – Rich Mullins

Just got this with DVD

4. Porch and Altar – Charlie Hall

First of the Best

5. One Louder – Jeffrey B Scott

Killer indie worship


5 responses to “Top 5 CD’s of the week (May 21st)”

  1. superman1224 Avatar

    oh do I have some gravy for you, but you have to wait for the L.A. Music post.

  2. klampert Avatar

    I love gravy…tell me you didnt have a long sit down chat with vicky beeching or charlie hall…cus thats not gravy thats envy…it just rhymes

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    Oh wow, Porch and Altar! I agree buddy!

  4. mudpuppy Avatar

    I’m not sure I’ve mentioned yet, but your header is flippin’ sweet!

  5. klampert Avatar

    ha ha ha…thanks buddy…Stay tuned for a new one. lol i like to change it monthly…

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