Top 5 CD’s of the week (April 27th)

Oh man…almost forgot about this.

Whats your top songs this week

1. Beautiful News – Redman

2. Painting the Invisible – Vicky Beeching

3. Holy God – Brian Doerkson

4. More than Ever- Vineyard

5. Nevermind – Nirvana

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4 responses to “Top 5 CD’s of the week (April 27th)”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    All Sixsteps. All The Time.

    1. Passion: Everything Glorious
    2. DCB – Sunsets & Sushi
    3. Chris Tomlin – Live from Austin Music Hall
    4. Passion: The Early Session 01
    5. Passion: Live from Passion07, Part 2

  2. superman1224 Avatar

    What a Hack! Just kidding man!

  3. klampert Avatar

    doh…I totally did my own post wrong…I listed songs….not CD’s….grrrrrrrrr…Worship city and superman do songs…I do CD’s arg….ok consider it fixed. lol

  4. worshipcity Avatar

    Yeah I was confused, didn’t know if you wanted songs or CDs 🙂 Now that you’ve straighted yourself out though I’ll get on it.

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