Top 25 Downloads for USA Feb 2007

Kind of an interesting list. some cutting edge, some not so much. The top 100 is even more diverse.

If you project your lyrics then you need a membership . They also added great resources like actual chords not just lead sheets.
Report Period 406 – United States
Rank Song Title Author/s CCLI #
1 How Great Is Our God Tomlin, Chris \ Reeves, Jesse \ Cash, Ed 4348399
2 Here I Am To Worship Hughes, Tim 3266032
3 Blessed Be Your Name Redman, Beth \ Redman, Matt 3798438
4 Open The Eyes Of My Heart Baloche, Paul 2298355
5 Shout To The Lord Zschech, Darlene 14069186 Lord I Lift Your Name On High Founds, Rick 117947
7 Come Now Is The Time To Worship Doerksen, Brian 2430948
8 You Are My King Foote, Billy 2456623
9 Forever Tomlin, Chris 3148428
10 Holy Is The Lord Tomlin, Chris \ Giglio, Louie 4158039
11 God Of Wonders Byrd, Marc \ Hindalong, Steve 3118757
12 Breathe Barnett, Marie 1874117
13 We Fall Down Tomlin, Chris 2437367
14 You Are My All In All Jernigan, Dennis 825356
15 You’re Worthy Of My Praise Ruis, David 487976
16 The Heart Of Worship Redman, Matt 2296522
17 Trading My Sorrows Evans, Darrell 2574653
18 Above All LeBlanc, Lenny \ Baloche, Paul 2672885
19 Beautiful One Hughes, Tim 3915912
20 How Great Thou Art Hine, Stuart \ Wesley Keene 14181
21 Better Is One Day Redman, Matt 1097451
22 Draw Me Close Carpenter, Kelly 1459484
23 Lord Reign In Me Brown, Brenton 2490706
24 The Wonderful Cross Reeves, Jesse \ Tomlin, Chris \ Walt, J. D. \ Watts, Isaac \ Mason, Lowell 3148435
25 Indescribable Story, Laura 4403076

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6 responses to “Top 25 Downloads for USA Feb 2007”

  1. Grits n' Grace Avatar

    Don’t get me wrong there are some great songs in the top 25, but it seems the list has become stagnant. I’ll bet those of us that lead worship could probably write that list with little or no deviation. Takes me back to your “I Hate That Song” post

    That reminds me. It’s CCLI usage report time. :-/

  2. klampert Avatar

    Yeah you are totally right…in the top 100 there are def more than a hand full that I absolutlyt cant stand and some that I wont even do. lol.

    The top 25 does include a bunch I do , but I think my top 25 that we do would probablly be different…hmmm I may have another post there.

  3. Victor Estrada Avatar

    I thought for sure that Lord I Lift Your Name On High would be there but now that I think about it, it’s probably still in the top 100. I once heard someone say that music in the Christian world is usually about 10 years behind that in the secular world. Looking at this list there are churches that are about 10 years behind that. That isn’t to say that I don’t do those songs it’s more to point out that there has been so much more fresh music that hasn’t broken through that threshhold yet. I wonder how long it’ll take for the new music of today to be the Shout to the Lord of tomorrow. Interesting huh?

    Anyway, hey, thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. I love making new blog friends. You’re on my RSS reader and my link list so I look forward to reading what you have to say and getting to know who you are better.

    – Vic

  4. klampert Avatar

    Vic…thanks for stopping by buddy. looking forward to more from you.

    If there is one thing ive learned its that a song 15 years old can still be modern.

    There are a few today that are the shout to the lord type anthem like Tomlins biggies….heart of worship…and blessed be your name. and honestly those are pretty modern sounding if done right.

    It’s also cool to see say at walmart that they have christian CD’s on end caps and last week hughes new CD was in top 50 itunes.

    I think these last 5 years have made a dramatic shift in modern Christian music and worship that have actually made it relevant to whats out there. The key to doing worship in your church is knowing your congregation…If your church of 100 is 90% people over 65 then your probablly not going to be doing the newest croder song with Dj mixing. lol

  5. Ken Paulsen Avatar
    Ken Paulsen

    I see that you’re in the Episcopal Church. In staid olde New England. So am I, and my wife and I have been trying to drag the church’s music into the 21st century at our 5PM Sunday Contemporary service in Bethany, CT. 95% of the mainstream churches have no idea of any of this music, or they think that Contemporary is old Cursillo songs written in the 60’s and 70’s.
    The seminarian who started this service 7 1/2 years ago based on support from our rector, is now a priest and was assigned to a new parish in May. We hired a new music director, a music student from New York, but as he has brought in new stuff that he knows and we keep pushing new songs, we get complaints of too many new songs. We’re running up against people who are easily comfortable with what they know and uncomfortable with learning new music, as if their brains are full. But they had to learn what they know at some point. “Too many notes, herr Mozart. You tax the royal ear.” If people want to sing out of the Hymnal, we have a 10 o’clock service, but I keep running afoul of people who want to stop the clock at some point.
    By the way, the poster who asked about “Lord I Lift Your Name on High”, it’s there at #6, the number is just missing.

  6. Tiffany Avatar

    FYI – the top “ccli” songs are based upon the songs that churches report, so it’s not like “CCLI” choose them. As time goes on, if more current songs are reported as being copied, then you’ll soon see those songs as well…

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