The Ancient…new again Pt:4


Modern English Version* Use for the Roman Catholic Mass since the 1970’s. To some extent a paraphrase rather than a literal translation of the Latin.

Glory to God in the Highest
And peace to His people on earth.
Lord God, heavenly King, Almighty God and Father;
We worship you, we give you thanks,
We praise you for your glory.
Lord Jesus Christ, Only Son of the Father.
Lord God, Lamb of God
You take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us;
You are seated at the right hand of the Father, receive our prayer.
For You alone are the Holy One,
You alone are the Lord,
You alone are the Most High Jesus Christ,
With the Holy Spirit in the Glory of God the Father. Amen.

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7 responses to “The Ancient…new again Pt:4”

  1. klampert Avatar

    you bet…that may be awarded shortest comment here.

  2. Darren Avatar

    What tunes have you found that are good singable ones for this song?

  3. klampert Avatar

    Darren: I have a few from the cathedral of the intercessor CEC in NY that I got from the worship director there and there are really only good with a 60 person choir like they have.
    Due to that I am in the process of rewriting those 3 songs and we are actually working on a new one as well. I should have some mp3 files within the next 3 weeks.
    Stay tuned.

    Also i have found some Psalms CD’s that are singable and a little more contemporary (as per our last conversation). I will have a post on them within the week.

  4. Darren Avatar

    Excellent! Thanks.

  5. klampert Avatar

    No problem buddy.

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