My guitars (things in my bag)

So here are my guitars. As always. post yours.

Breedlove AC/25SRplus 

breedlove AC25srplus

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Alpine
I pretty much gutted this one-see the notes on the image

epiphone les paul

Parker Nitefly SA

parker nitefly

14 thoughts on “My guitars (things in my bag)

  1. Nice! I am currently a dead broke dude, and rely solely on my beloved and trusted Fender Strat (black, maple fretboard). No need to post it, you know what it looks like. I so love the Strat that I actually posted an “ode” type post today, check it out at

    I do have a wish list though:
    – a humbucker type guitar. forget the les paul, too expensive. i’ve been looking at some epiphones, not bad. i miss the humbucker tone.
    – a rosewood fretboard strat, preferably a white body.

    if any of you feel generous…

  2. iG…Ya gotta love the strat…I went with the parker cus i get a strat sound and i can blend that with a tele sound and an acoustic sound
    Buy an epi les paul or sg and gut the sucker…way cheaper

    e7b9 wow..nice setup man…And yeah the breedlove is amazing.

  3. Dude…a nirvana mustang…nice

    Oh now we are on what we want…ok..

    I want a
    breedlove custom american acoustic with cedar top
    Gibson Flying V Korina
    Gretch hollowbody

  4. Oh yes! I have been johnsing a flying v too! Add that to my list.
    My wife and I are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at church, so, y’all can forget about me buying any of you any guitars. I myself won’t see a new guitar for a long, long time…all thanks to the Dave Ramsey never-pay-credit philosophy…which I strongly support, of course…but, man…I’m weeping now…

  5. I play a Goodall Concert Jumbo, Koa back and sides, with Highlander pickup and AKG mic.
    My electric guitars are a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster through a Vox AC-15 with Celestion AlNiCo blue speaker and a Gibson ES-335.

    Nowadays, though, I play my electrics through a Pod XT live direct into the PA.

  6. tk… Goodall – I love his guitars! That’s definitely my next acoustic in the next couple of years.

    Here’s what I play:

    Fender MIM Strat (60th Diamond Anniversary with Tex-Mex pickups)

    Gibson ES-335 ’59 Dot Re-issue

    Ovation LX Elite Acoustic/Electric

  7. Thanks!

    I have one more electric that I’m saving up for that will complete the mix: A Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway – then I think I’ll be done for awhile. I’ve had some bad GAS for the last couple of years… 🙂

    But at least I think I’m all set for effects, though. I use an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer with a Boss Chorus for my electrics going into my Fender Hot Rod. For my acoustic, I use a Presonus pre-amp, Boss Chorus, Boss Delay, Digitech DigiVerb, and a BBE Sonic Stomp going into a Roland Cube 60 (great little solid state amp – perfect match for my Ovation).

    It’s actually a lot of gear to haul to Mass every Sunday, but tone is king, and sometimes you need it. It’s a pain to spend a 1/2 before rehearsal setting up, but it’s worth it in the end.

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