Easter Set List

As always any worship leaders who read this blog please post your set list in the comments.
and check back to  read my “worship confessional” on the service

Before Processional we are showing the S. M. Lockridge video, That’s My King. You can read the words to that sermon on a previous blog post.


  • A     Jesus Christ is Risen Today (Organ only)


  • D    I’ve Found Jesus – Martin Smith Curious?
  • E    Forever – Tomlin
  • E    Our Love is Loud – Crowder
  • E    Let the Praises Ring – Brewster (we changed the guitar part and added a real cool riff. I may post the tab later this week)
  • E    Holy Holy – Fellingham


  • E    Open the eyes of my heart – Baloche


  • F    Nothing Compares – Klampert
  • A    Sweetly Broken – Riddle


  • C     Holy- Brown


  • C    By Your Grace – Klampert/Stanton
  • C    I See the Lord
  • C    An Offering – Klampert


  • E    My Redeemer Lives – Morgan

I am very excited about this service. It is going to very celebratory and joyous. The worship is not much about reflection except in the communion section. And what a day of thanksgiving. During holy week communion becomes even more powerful. Schmemann said (and this isn’t word for word) …he said that communion should be done as Christ told us to do. this (communion) as often as we meet. a lot of churches don’t and they are missing something. This is the foundation of our Christian faith…It is where we get our Joy. From his sacrifice and his resurrection.
On Easter take communion with gladness and let your heart well up with joy because our king is alive.


10 responses to “Easter Set List”

  1. klampert Avatar

    ok I just got out of church and WOW!…what an awesome service. This was a definite mixture of old and new (ancient and modern). The service started with a buzz when we showed the “thats my king” video. What an amazing beginning to the service. It was a perfect way for us to focus in on Christ. We went right into the normal order with prayers and then into the amp’d up praise section. It ended up being a little to loud for those over 60 but it is Easter. Great time to be loud. the praise section ended with new song for us holy holy..and slowed it down. We had a dance to the Easter song and then a great sermon which will be online in 2 days.
    and it all ended in a bang with the most appropriate song My redeemer lives… Again wow…what a great day to be called His son

  2. Darren Avatar

    Sounds like a great service.

    Ours went really well, too. Lots of good singing!


    C – Christ the Lord is Risen Today


    Gm – Mass of Creation – Haugen


    G – Amazing Grace


    D – Crown Him with Many Crowns – 2 verses
    F – Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate – Don Moen
    C – Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad – Gerrit Hansen
    G – Lord, I Lift Your Name On High – Rick Founds


    Eb – (solo) Come Thou Almighty King (the Sovereign Grace arrangement)


    Bb – Worship Christ, the Risen King – Jack Hayford

    The recessional is to the tune of Regent Square (Angels from the Realms of Glory), and each verse ends with “Worship Christ, the risen King” instead of “Worship Christ, the newborn King.” It’s a good Easter song.

    Do any of you have good Glorias that you like to use? I’m not all that fond of the Haugen version, but because it’s a small parish, we need one that is singable.

  3. klampert Avatar

    Actually I am currently working on revising 3 or 4 glorias to make them easier and more singable. I have a bunch from CEC cathedral church of the intercessor in NY. They are good but they ave a 40 person choir so I am trying to make them more small church friendly.

    Great list you have there. sounds like you had a fantastic service as well.

    is your processional song different than the one we sang?

  4. grant... Avatar

    I almost used “That’s my King” last night but decided not to at the last minute…(dang it!)

  5. klampert Avatar

    oh man really I’ll tell you what man…That sermon is amazing..Use it during pentacost

  6. superman1224 Avatar

    D Still Haven’t found what I’m looking for – U2

    G Shout Unto God – Hillsong

    F Party – Tomlin

    E God Will Make a Way/I exault Thee/ Glory in the highest

    E I Can Only Imagine – Mercy Me

    D Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster

    G Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Chorus)

    G Creed – Third Day

  7. klampert Avatar

    Wow interesting set list there steel boy. U2 song wild choice. party into the old school medley sounds awesome.
    I never liked i can only imagine. cant go wrong with brewster…
    All in all man sounds like you had a very very cool service as well

  8. worshipcity Avatar

    The Solid Rock – E – revamp by Charlie Hall
    Awesome is the Lord – G – Chris Tomlin
    Come Ye Sinners – E – Robby Seay Band
    The Wondrous Cross – D – ??? Tomlin? Hall? old school Passion

    Mighty to Save – A – Hillsong

  9. klampert Avatar

    nice…love charlie halls solid rock..
    do you mean the wonderful cross?

  10. Darren Avatar


    I’m not sure if the processional is the same. Mine is the one written by Charles Wesley.


    Dn. Darren

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