Maundy Thursday

Well tonight was the maundy Thursday service. It was a real nice service with a great word. About 15 people showed up. The stripping of the altar and switching the linens to black gave us a very solemn feeling.

The set list was very very small

G – How great is our God – Tomlin
G – We Bow Down – Klampert (me)

E – Open the Eyes of my Heart – Baloche
E – We Fall Down – Tomlin
E – Here I am to worship – Hughes


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  1. worshipcity Avatar

    I beat you:
    A – Forever

    HAHAHA. We did a ‘Seder Dinner’ sort of. It was real interesting. I’ve never participated in a Maundy Thursday service before but found it completely new and cool!
    I’ll have to find out what the order of things were. There was 4 parts and Hebrew words for a lot of things and lamb, parsley, salt water, horseradish, awesome apple stuff, and hand washing instead of feet washing among other things. We concluded with Forever since we had looked at Psalms 118 (if I remember correctly) which correlates beautifully with Forever…that’s probably vice versa though, the song correlates to the scripture!
    We had about 40ish people show up, but it’s a family event so that includes the kids too.
    It’s interesting hearing what’s going on for ‘Holy Week.’

    Off to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday! HAHAHA.

  2. klampert Avatar

    cool well we did a seder dinner also which was seperate from maundy thursday service.. at the seder we had 56 people show up and it was real nice.

    sounds great what you guys are doing there..
    Ill have up today good friday service

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