Some church ads

So we did a ton of newspaper ads for 06&07 and internal stuff also. I sent everybody to our sermon link page and in it there are graphics we use for the screen in worship. I think in worship stimulating all of the senses is key.Most churches do the newspaper ad where its a ton of text or a pic of the church. Our goal was to make a statement that made us stand out. The result of last years ads gained us an article written about our church in 2 newspapers and we one a new england newspaper association for best display ad series. You cant comment on the church blog but let me know what you guys think.

So here is the first 3 of our 4 week current easter campaign.

go to here for the rest of the ads

stay tuned for part 4 next week


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  1. beth silvia Avatar

    Are these ads that can be used by others?
    They are fantastic!!!!

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