March 25th Set List

Here is this weeks set list. The service went great this week. It was our first time doing all we need from hall and going right into center made a very powerful time of worship.

Any other worship leaders CEC or non leave your setlist in the comments. That was done last week and it was a great help to me.



E – All Hail the power (raise up the crown)


A – Blessed be Your Name – Redman
A – Beautiful One – Hughes
E – Sing to the King – Foote
E – All We Need – Charlie Hall
E – Center – Charlie Hall


E – Ancient Words


E – Amazing Love (You are my King) – Foote


C – I See the Lord
C – By Your Grace – Klampert, Stantan


E – You Never let Go – Redman


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  1. worshipcity Avatar

    Once again dude we’re riding the supernatural wave lengths of song selections 🙂
    – Come thou fount – drop D
    – Here is our King – A
    – God of Wonders – E
    – Blessed Be Your Name – A
    – How Great is our God – C

    Closing song that began the Offering:
    – O Worship the King – G

    I do have a question for you: Man you do a ton of songs! Could you fill me in on what exactly the Pro & Recessional are? Is the congregation singing with you? The same for the Gospel portion.

  2. klampert Avatar

    Nice list there. I love come thou fount. woo jedi mind meld is back.
    How great is our god in C…hmmm we found that key real hard for the congregation to sing and now we do it in G

    As far as the service. It is a CEC church which embraces liturgy along with charismatic worship.
    So our order of service is mostly centered around Communion which we do every week.
    The early church would do what is called a processional which is basically the pastor and deacons holding the bible maybe a cross or banners and process or walk from the back to the front…this was to symbolize coming into “His courts” everybody sings that song.
    We also after the main portion of worship have readings from the daily office…or book of common prayer..
    Before the Gospel reading we always do a song to prepare our hearts to hear his word.
    Then come communion
    The recessional is usually a faster upbeat song where the same people who walked in now walk to the back. And this is to symbolize going into the world and fulfilling the great commision.
    After song. deacon says ” let us go forth in the world rejoicing in the power of the spirit” everybody else says ” Thanks be to God Alleluia”

    It’s not a very long service ..about 2 hours. And it is a mix of the old and new.. Liturgy, modern worship, and the word.

    There is the long explanation. lol…It is a ton of songs. they help shape the service.
    Our band is also not the center like you see in say…raggamuffins church. in the center of our church stage is the altar where the bread and wine are keeping our focus on why we are there.

  3. Darren Avatar

    I love “Come Thou Fount.” We did it just a couple weeks ago.

    Our song set for 5th Sunday of Lent focused on two themes: God’s working in the past and present (from the Isaiah reading), and knowing Him (from the Philippians reading). In keeping with the Lenten season, I also did a Cross-focused song to start off the praise time.

    F – Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

    Praise and Worship:
    C – O Mighty Cross (David Baroni)
    Bb – Shout to the Lord (Darlene Zschech)
    C – Knowing You (Graham Kendrick)

    D – Come, Now is the Time to Worship

    F – Near the Cross (good 19th century gospel song)

    C – O God, Our Help in Ages Past

  4. klampert Avatar

    Nice list darren…
    questions: What kind of musicians do you have there?
    and what size church is that?
    again a few I didnt recognize which is great cus now I will look them up

  5. superman1224 Avatar

    Here is set list for Sunday Morning.

    Undignified: E

    Every Move I Make: G

    Shout Unto God: G

    Everlasting God: C

    This will be a weekly post on my blog so you can count on seeing what NewSong’s worship is up to every Monday.

  6. Darren Avatar

    Musicians: Basically it’s been me for the last 8 months or so. I play piano (keyboard at the church); I’ve had about 8 years of lessons or so. I tend to like older songs; Watts and Wesley are my favorite hymn writers, and I’d like to incorporate chant into the service once we get a little bigger. I’m getting used to including more contemporary music (I tend to dislike a lot of modern songs because they are self-focused rather than God-focused).

    Recently, one of the ladies in the church has taken over doing the gradual, and we’re adding a new lady into the praise sets on some Sundays. Both of them play guitar, but neither can read music, which is a handicap we’re still working to overcome.

    Size: The church has 20 regular attendees, with 7 to 10 more who come sometimes. We started meeting as a church two years ago; we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on Easter.

    One of the things I’m constantly working on is the potential tension between worship leader and congregation. One of the recent polls of Catholic worship leaders last year showed that the leaders tend to pick songs because of the theological content of the lyrics or the applicability to the liturgical season, and they enjoy trying new songs all the time; while the congregation simply wants singable tunes, the more familiar the better. I see this tendency in myself, so I’m trying to make sure that I see the worship set from the congregation’s eyes.

  7. klampert Avatar

    Darren: sounds like youve got a great church going.

    I do agree about modern music being self centered but only to a certain point. I am not a big fan of the “I” music and I am am very happy many modern worship songs a very christ centered. I do though think that there is a place in service for many types of worship and focus. I think the psalms are a great representation of this.

    There is a tendency for worship leaders to get tired of songs where the congregation wants to keep doing it.

    The simpler the better is true, but again a mix of both is great. The modern worship leaders are getting back to the “hymn” style with well thought out lyrics.

    And guys like redman who were birthed out of the whole vineyard movement and pretty much only sang songs of intimacy are starting to realize there are more streams to worship and are now vocal about it.

    Ok this was a little long. ha ha…

    long story short I am pretty excited about the future of worship and very encouraged that people are embracing the liturgical.

    thanks again for being involved here

  8. worshipcity Avatar

    That’s actually pretty awesome Klampert, the way the church progresses. We’re a ‘Presbyterian’ church and I use quotes because most congregants would probably say we’re non-dom but we include different aspects of worship as well. We end each service with a type of ‘processional’ I suppose. It’s more of a ‘going out’ prayer/message that’s either scripture or a blessing from the Bible or something that then turns our focus from us to going out.
    The center of our church is the communion table with a cross above it. We do communion at least monthly and sometimes more frequent depending on the message and what we’re trying to communicate. But our service is typically an hour and fifteen.

    As far as How Great is Our God, C is stretching it a bit. The last time I played Charlie’s arrangement of How Great Thou Art directly into How Great is Our God and kept both songs in B. It actually worked GREAT! I capoed up 4 and played in G (if I remember correctly) and loved it. This week we experimented with something and allowed the congregation to vote on the next 3 songs we played and it was chosen and I didn’t have it tabbed out in B to do that. (More info on that in a later post 🙂

    I love this stuff though! Thanks Klampert and those joining the discussion! Great stuff.

  9. Jon Braunstein Avatar

    Alright- I’ll give this a try! :O) March 25th feels like forever ago!

    Opening Set–
    My Life is in You Lord – G
    Everyday- G
    There is None Like You- G

    –Congregational Prayer
    Lord Be Glorified- C->D

    –Special (Introducing to Congregation)
    Take My Life (Scott Underwood)- G

    –After Message
    Take My Life (Scott Underwood)- G

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