Delirious, Rebecca St. James, Vicky Beeching

Sunday night I went to the worship tour concert of Delirious, Rebecca St. James, Vicky Beeching with 14 other people from my church.

Vicky opened and was amazing of course. Great set. 2 songs from her CD that is coming out in 3 weeks. Sadly though she only sang 4 songs.

Then came Rebecca. I am not a fan of her voice or her music, but her heart and message is amazing for young girls. That was fantastic to see.

It closed with Delirious and holy coolness batman. WOW!. They were amazing. I was floored. The sound was like a CD and they just brought the house down and God filled that place.

the show gets a 4 out of 5 stars. It would have gotten 5 stars if Vicky got a 45 minute set and rebecca got to sing 4 songs.


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  1. worshipcity Avatar

    Hey is this the Worship Revolution tour? I’m hitting that up next month! I believe its the same line-up. I just can’t believe they’re coming HERE! I’m really excited about seeing Vicki and Delirious!
    I almost Thumbs Downed Rebecca’s new release today in my Thumbs UP/DOWN. I’m with you on her voice but I just couldn’t do it. Trying to stay positive lately and didn’t want to slam anyone.
    Delirious live just gives me the goose bumps!

  2. klampert Avatar

    thats the tour alright…I had a 3 hour drive to see them and it was worth it…you will have massive goosebumps….
    Vicky is the ….man? uh…wo-MAN

  3. snowjunkie Avatar

    Delirious? are an amazing band. They tried to go a bit commercial a while back but it’s so good to see them go back to their roots —- worship!

    I’ve seen them a couple of times over here and they’ve been great. I still love their Glo album. Brilliant stuff.

  4. klampert Avatar

    Yeah they went commercial for a little, but man it would be awesome to see them on MTV with switchfoot and POD. I think they are right up there if not better than coldplay, and killers.

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