March 11th Setlist


D – Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) Newton Tomlin


E – Our Love is Loud – Crowder
E – Forever – Tomlin
E – Arise – Baloche
E – I’ll Hide in You – Klampert/hanlon
E- Center – Charlie Hall


D – The Holy One – Randall Terry


G – How Great is Our God – Tomlin
G – Enough – Tomlin


A – I Will Boast – Baloche

Ok so I’ve been adding my thoughts on the service every week and forgot to do it this week. I am reminded this is helpful by all of the other worship blogs that do the same.

Amazing Grace with the tomlin refrain and original verse was well….amazing…That is on well written refrain. i know most of us worship guys who consider ourselves on the cusp being cutting edge find Tomlin kinda cookie cutter and sometimes we complain that we have to do 3 of his songs in a row, But lets be honest with ourselves. Tomlin is a great writer and his worship, once the key is changed, is amazing for church. I vote that we arent ashamed any more.

The Praise section was great. It wasn’t a super hot or exhuberent set due to lent and it really worked well the way the songs led you to Center. That was the first time we did center and I think that song is fantastic. I’m kind of on a charlie hall trip now.

Then of course there is the Tomlin songs…Great stuff

And last I will boast. That song is so cool. It has a great little riff and has awesome drive. I think B was too low and the original in D is too High….Yes I think C for next time

This weeks sermon was on Moses and his 6 stupid excuses for not wanting to do what God wanted. Great sermon…We should have it online soon.


7 responses to “March 11th Setlist”

  1. worshipcity Avatar

    Love the “My Chains Are Gone” chorus…did you over sing it 🙂

    HEY! We did OLIL too! Dude, we’re having like a Jedi mind thing going on here!

  2. klampert Avatar

    Ha i just saw you did OLIL…may the force be with you.

    We did my chains are gone version like: vs1, vs1, chorus , vs3, chorus 2x, last verse, chorus 2x
    It was awesome…that is one killer chorus it really takes a hymn and makes it a worship song.

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    I agree. Such a great addition that your tried and true hymn lovers can appreciate as well as us who enjoy the new refrains.
    I’m always afraid I actually ‘oversing’ the vocal part of that chorus though by just belting the proverbial crap out of it!

  4. worshipcity Avatar

    I went back and edited this past week’s list with the keys we played the songs in. But you probably already guessed which keys last week was in given the songs. But another way for me to try and remember to do that each week!

  5. klampert Avatar

    ha…awesome…thanks for jumping on board witht he chords….
    I find that keys are interesting because some churches do the original keys but most songs esp. tomlin are not singable in church in the original key

  6. worshipcity Avatar

    Yeah Tomlin totally doesn’t use singable keys!
    I keep bringing up the idea of letting Eb be our ‘standard’ tuning. We’ve toyed with it and done it a few times but I haven’t made the switch yet.

  7. klampert Avatar

    hmmm…Eb is nice…however songs that work great in E suddelny sound less powerful

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