Feb 25th Set List

D Come now is the Time to worship

G Unchanging
G We Bow Down
G Hallelujah Love Song (klampert,Hanlon,Reynolds)
G Enough
G Let My Words be Few

E Open the Eyes


G Potters Hand or
E You are the Maker (klampert)

E Time to Worship (klampert)
E Heart of Worship

E I could sing of Your Love


7 responses to “Feb 25th Set List”

  1. klampert Avatar

    So lent has started and the service was fantastic. Worship was awesome. Most of the songs were very dynamic quieter songs.
    I hope to have the songs that I have written or cowritten up soon.

  2. worshipcity Avatar

    Ooo Joel, the new site is super sweet! Although this comment box is WAAAAAAY down here.

    I love Unchanging!

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    Oh and I LOVED the old pic but not anymore. I LOVE the new pic!!

  4. klampert Avatar

    holy crow birds the comment box is way down there….I hope that doesnt make people not want to say hi….
    Seems the comments are a 2 column width where the content is only one…grrr
    Glad you like the pic…if you need anything for yours say the word.

  5. klampert Avatar

    ok i changed the theme….I dont like it as much but the comment box is way closer

  6. Spencer Avatar

    wow, that’s a pretty long set list…is that over multiple services, or do you have that much music going on in one service?

  7. klampert Avatar

    our service is both historic and modern so it has liturgy in it…

    we have a processional where the pastor(priest) and deacons walk into the church
    there are some prayers and then we go into the praise and worship

    then we do readings and a song right before we read from the gospel…it is a chorus only usually

    then sermon

    then offering we have a song to prepare our hearts for communion

    in communion we sing as many songs (usually 2) as it takes till everybody has communion

    and then we do a wicked fun or fast song at the end

    service is usually 1.5 hours not too long…lots of music…

    it is a fantstic service…it just flows so well…
    it makes your realize that being in church and communion is all part of worship its not just the songs

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