This Weeks Service

So this sunday here is a few of the songs we are doing

Here is our King -right into- Raise up a crown
We want to see jesus lifted high
Your Grace is Enough
How Great is our God
Hallelujah Love Song (a new song from our church sounds like pink floyd meets evanesance)

My Redeemer Lives (funkified with wawa pedal and classic fuzz)






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  1. worshipcity Avatar

    Must be enough grace going around this weekend!
    Famous One
    Your Grace is Enough
    From the Inside Out
    All Creatures 2
    Jesus Paid it All

    Creed – Third Day
    Take You Back – Jeremy Camp

    is what we’re doing at River this weekend. That’s funny b/c one of the songs I’d never done before I came on over here was We Want To See…
    Looks like our Church temperatures are about the same maybe.
    Very cool man! Very cool!

  2. klampert Avatar

    awesome set list there…I love doing all creatures.
    looks like you do famous one in G…I do it in….

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    Thanks for dropping by the blog. I like what you’ve done here, appreciate the resources. I’m hoping to post some of our worship stuff beginning soon…

  4. Paul J. Avatar

    Oh, by the way…I was browsing some of your old posts, and saw you talking about the Zendrum. We have one. In fact, one of my church members is the brother of the inventor. 🙂

  5. klampert Avatar

    Paul im glad you stopped in…I hope this site helps you out a little…
    Thats is cool on the zendrum…I love to get one one day.

  6. mudpuppy Avatar

    Thanks for dropping by! Looks like I’ll have to make a stop in RI sometime soon.

    I’ll be back here often in the mean time!

  7. worshipcity Avatar

    Hey dude so how did it go?
    I noticed you didn’t do a follow up after last weeks but I was kind of hoping you’d do one for this week. Like how Here is our King into Raise up went?
    How’d your new tune go? How do you typically introduce one?
    And if people thought you sacrilegious for adding funky wah and fuzz to a traditional Hillsong tune 🙂
    Just curious, my time in bed recouping will provide me some time to read and catch up on blogs!

  8. superman1224 Avatar

    Sounds like a awesome service. You wouldn’t have any recordings you could post would you? I would love to hear you guys. In the mean time you can check us out at

  9. klampert Avatar

    You know…I have no clue why I didnt update last week…maybe its because there werent people saying hello like there are now.

    Ok so here is the update for this sunday:
    Here is our king into raise up the crown was AWESOME!…we did both in the key of E and it worked great…made here is our king the tempo of the other song played the chorus and repeated He is jesus 4 times and went right into all hail the power of Jesus name…
    Our service has liturgy in it also…we do communion every week and it makes it so I do around 11 songs on a sunday. it is great…

    Worshipcity: When I did the wah with distortion my redeemer lives suprisingly everybody asked if we could do it again….it went over great…try it…

    The new song was amazing…it starts off slow with a delay guitar patttern floyd or U2 and then goes into a prechorus which isnt much more dynamic and then out of nowhere the chorus comes loud and Powerful…like a bus hitting you head on and You find yourself emersed totally in the glory of God..
    After the service a few people came up to me and said God hit them during that song and if we keep singing it the church will be on its butts. lol

    When I got to this church they were doing wicked old vineyard and robin mark and thats it…so in the last year ive introduced like 70 songs..its actually worked pretty well…I usually introduce during offering and the next week do that song in the main worship…this past week i just did it in worship…worked great

    Superman: I am currently working on a fullscale revamp of our website and I will be putting up the entire service every week worship and sermon…so stay tuned…

    Also with so many requests from people in our church for a CD I am going to try to get in a studio in the next 6 months and record…actually sooner because I want to submit to song discovery.

    Ok theres the…

  10. klampert Avatar

    oh and superman
    if you go there its a crude recording of a song I wrote and that we do….we do it in G, but the zip file has the chords and mp3

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