Bought a new guitar

nitefly SASo lately I have been craving some new sounds in worship and I decided to buy a new guitar. What I picked up is one of the most amazing electric guitars I have ever played. A parker Nitefly SA. This thing is amazing. With my Les Paul custom I added dimarzio pickups and added a push pull pot. This gives me a les paul sound but also a tele sound and I love it. What this does for me is I get a les paul studio type sound with medium output, a strat sound with its 5 way selector switch, and an acoustic sound with the piezo pickups in the bridge. Let me tell you I have never heard a more realistic acoustic sound than on this guitar. I love the cleanness of the sound and I also love that it can blend the magnetic with the piezo with the 3way switch. This guitar will cost you around $1400 or $1000 on ebay, but it is well worth it.






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  1. Jim Avatar

    Wow, that’s a sweet looking guitar. If you’re into hybrids, you should check out the VXT, coming out May 1st. There’a a video on YouTube that demos the acoustic – to – electric sounds.

    Here’s their YouTube profile

  2. rez Avatar

    Nice. not sure if the double cut would look better as a singl but overall nice design. Take away the pick guard and throw in a burst of some kind could really add to it.

  3. klampert Avatar

    tanks rez…i low the double cut…as fas as pic guard…the super high end ones dont have them

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