Rainfall Music

interested in some new ssongs for worship? Well I just stumbled onto this site and played the song “show your glory lord” . Wow! fantastic stuff there. I havent listened to the rest or looked to intesly here but it seems like great stuff and the website has all of the chord charts. Its also CCLI listed. check out that song. What do the people reading this blog think of it? anybody?

check it out at:  http://www.recentrainfall.com/page2.html






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  1. John Green - Recent Rainfall Music Avatar

    Hey, thanks for mentioning Show Your Glory Lord, and our website. I was pretty stoked to read that you liked the song.
    Be sure to check out Declare Your Glory and I Will Not Be Silent too. They’ll get your herat stirred up for the Lord.
    Loved the Phil Keaggy video clip, and your site looks like it has a lot of great resources. I added it to my favorites.
    God bless!

  2. klampert Avatar

    John…thanks for checking out the blog. I am really glad to hear it has some use to another fellow worship leader. check on here soon I will be posting some of our original stuff as well. Oh and I checked out all your songs on there escpecially the 3 you mentioned. great stuff and a true blessing. also glad to here you are registered with CCLI. I will be teaching my church show your glory lord soon. take care.

  3. Steve Burgess Avatar

    I personally have known John since Jr. High school. I’m 42 now (ouch) and John is one of the most genuine worshipers I have ever met. His heart and passion for God and Worship is pure. Check out the website.

  4. klampert Avatar

    Welcome to the blog guys…glad to see you on here. I recently posted one of our originals and more to come. I hope we can bless you guys as much as you blessed us

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