A Study of The Edge’s (U2) Guitar Delay

I use delay quite a bit in worship. some song with very slight gives it almost a chorus effect and other songs like open the eyes of my heart i use delay very close to a U2 sound. if your interested in delay and mimicing the best read the article here: http://www.amnesta.net/edge_delay/







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  1. Shannon Avatar

    Our church is needing an electric guitar for the worship service. I’m intersted in providing this for them and I really like the U2 sound (Delay) with the songs. Could you expand a little more on how you use this? I’ve visited the U2 delay website but I still have trouble getting the timing set up right. Do you have any samples of you using this or any suggestions?
    Thanks for your help

  2. klampert Avatar

    easiest way to dial up the timing is with a pedal that lets you tap it to get the right timing. I use the Line 6 POD Live setup which lets you do that. a great example in worship sound using this is with hillsong united or Steve Fee..
    I would play with elongated delays and concentrate on less picking. Also palm muting really adds to the percusive sound of it.
    thanks for stopping by shannon

  3. cornbread Avatar

    for “introduction/time has come” on the hillsong united you can get the guitar sound by setting delay to 308 milliseconds and playing the melody in eight notes. a 350 millisecond delay works for something like ” I am Free” from newsboys or new life worship band

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