J guitar

ok here is a new guitar chord, scale, alternate tuning. reference siteI found and its a doozy. wow. the only thing I dont like about this site is they should have called me to do there logo. YUCK http://jguitar.com/

from the site says:

JGuitar is a set of useful tools for players of stringed instruments. JGuitar’s powerful chord and scale calculators replace traditional chord and scale dictionaries by providing dynamic calculation which works for any stringed instrument in any tuning. Users can alter the tunings of the instruments and even the instruments themselves. In fact, JGuitar was designed to work with any number of strings or frets.

Trying to learn a song and need some chord diagrams? No problem, just ask the chord calculator which will usually present several ways to play a chord. Found some guitar tablature on the web? Just enter the web address into the tab mapper and presto, all the chords from the tab file will be diagrammed. Need to know what the heck a chord is called? Enter it into the chord namer.






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