Jeff Johnson Interview on “The Selah Journey”

Jeff Johnson has a new vision that isn’t very new at all. Directly related to the worship prescribed in the psalms he mixes modern worship with contemplative worship. He adds reflective pauses with instrumentals and reading.
He Says:

“Both the modern worship and the contemplative worship have a great energy and spirit at their core. The two compliment and contrast with one another. This is the way music in the Church should be. As a believer, I would never want to only experience a singular diet of contemplative based worship. Fellowship thrives on the variety of the Body of Christ. And, I believe at the core of our experience of Christian faith there needs to be a deepening theology that reflects an understanding of what it is we believe.”

About 15 years ago the band the choir got together with Gene Eugene from Adam Again. They created the precursor to the city on the hill phenom that most know now. What it did different was that it seamlessly integrated music with liturgy, prayer, and spoken word. At the point the CEC is in I believe we are rounding the curve where our worship truly does become the whole service. Where we intertwine modern music with our liturgy, prayers, and creeds. I have had this vision of worship for a while now. It isn’t easy to pull off because everything needs to work together and flow, but I think this is where the CEC worship needs to head. I believe the constant feeling of Gods presence in this will make the Eucharist even more powerful.







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