Vicky Beeching YTF CD review

vivki beeching

Fairly new to the worship scene here is Vicky Beeching. She has a Theology Degree from Oxford University which makes her lyrical content amazing. She is truly driven by her love for Christ and that spirit really shines through on her CD. This CD is on par with the other great modern worship CD’s out there and can be lumped in with the likes of Redman, Crowder, and Tomlin. It has driven rock and sweet worship. Her rendition of turn your eyes upon Jesus is fantastic. Go out and get this CD. I guarantee it will be one of the top CD’s that bring modern worship to the next level






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  1. Graham Avatar

    sounds like a winner – I’ll check it out. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite worship cds:

    Vineyard UK – Hungry
    Kathryn Scott – Satisfy
    Kevin Prosch – Palinquin
    David Ruis – The Mystery
    Keith Green – Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2
    The Wildings – W2
    Brian Doerksen – You Shine
    Delirious – Mezamorphasis & Cutting Edge
    Andrew Smith – Through My Emotions

  2. klampert Avatar

    Make sure you check out Sarah groves CD I did a review of on here also…she is a piano player.

    those are some great CD’s there. I plan on posting my top 10 here soon
    Never heard of the andrew smith one you have there. What kind of music is it like?

  3. Graham Avatar

    I’ll check out Sarah Groves also. Andrew Smith is a great worship leader from Winnipeg. He did a lot of early recording with David Ruis for some of the Winds of Worship and Touching the Father’s Heart stuff. He’s done a lot of experimentation with music and has a recent recording doing a lot of stuff with harmonics. He has all of his kids playing instruments too. Esther and I worshipped with he and his family for their last Sunday in Winnipeg. Through My Emotions was written while the Andrew was dealing with his oldest son’s cancer. When we met them, his son was free of cancer and living beyond what the doctors had expected, so there is a lot of personal testimony wrapped up in that worship CD.

  4. klampert Avatar

    sounds really good. Do you have a website for him?

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