Sara Groves CD Review

sara groves add to the beauty
As a worship leader of course I listen to mostly worship music, but I recently purchased this CD and WOW! Sara Groves CD is called “add to the beauty”. It won album of the year by CCM magazine. After listening to it at least 50 times I would have to rank it as one of the top 10 greatest Christian CD’s of all time. She has a flair on the Piano reminiscent of Tori Amos and her lyrical content is full of such hope in Christ. The most played track “You are the sun” is a lyrical masterpiece. It speaks of Jesus as being the sun and we are moons. It is only by His light that we shine at all. She says “without You I’m a cold dark stone”

The first song has a memerable lyric also “Love wash over a multitude of things, Make us whole”

I cant get enough of this CD and I cant stop talking about it. God has truly blessed this singer songwriter with a CD that really tugs at you and challenges you.






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