Matt Redman Best of CD Review

blessed be your name
If your in worship today you have either heard matt redman or you are already doing half his music. This new CD is a fantastic way to get all of his best work. It's called Blessed be Your name, based off of one of his top hits. some of the songs included on here are Heart of Worship, Better Is One Day, Let My Words Be Few, and Once Again. What I like about this album is that it is a live recording and it brings you into worship with the audience. Matt has been one of the key players behind the modern worship movement from the UK and this CD really exemplifies Gods hand on his music.
Another cool thing is it is an enhanced CD so you can pop it into your CD drive on your computer. On it he is sitting in a studio by himself and talks about where a few of his songs were inspired from. After he talks he plays the songs and It is wonderful to see him live. If you don't already own this one go buy it today.






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