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I have been a fan of line 6 gear for quite a while now, but now I am head over heels. This is the pedal board to own! I purchased mine about 6 months ago. I run another crybaby wah to it and have my Custom Les Paul and Breedlove acoustic running through it. In acoustic I can add simple reverb and delay to my sound. I can also throw in chorus and switch up different amps for certain songs. With My electric the sky is the limit. I have virtually any sound out there and it is very simple to dial in. The best thing about this effects processor is that it can be connected via USB to your computer. Once it is attracted you can download Line 6 software and change all of your effects within the computer interface. It even gives you the actual knobs and look of the vintage amps you are tweaking. If you are looking for a specific sound You can go onto the Line 6 site and download complete setups that regular consumers have put together. An example is I was trying to get a guitar sound that the Edge from U2 uses for open the eyes of my heart. I went onto Line 6 and somebody had a U2 style setup…I downloaded it and it was fantastic. I ended up tweaking the reverb to my liking and taking off the overdrive so I could use it with my acoustic. This pedal board is versatile and very well built.






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  1. Nieuwjaars Trio Avatar

    I am using the line 6 pod xtLive myself and it is indeed great for live and studio work, also for use with an archtop which is usually a bit tricky with effects.


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