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  • Would you watch this film?

    Here is the Film caption… “In a world where kings and empires rise and fall, where fantasy becomes reality, where armies are slaughtered for thier beliefs, where rulers are disemboweled on toilets, where sex and passion are in the open….there stands one man willing to change it all…… This summer embark on a journey from […]

  • Who watches the Watchmen? or should you…?

    {spoiler alert} Last night, after waiting for 17 years, I went to see “Watchmen”. It was 2 hours and 45 min. I had my pretzel and coke in hand. I was ready to be super happy or super disappointed. I of course read the book. and while the movie stands alone I do believe that […]

  • Watchmen: 1992 the year my life changed

    Years ago I used to draw comics professionally. I was published in comics, graphic novels and even a RPG. I was always into spiderman and Batman and when Dark Knight came out I was wetting my pants in anticipation of the movie. In 1992 I was working for an independant comic guy, as an apprentice, […]

  • Movies: looking to the far future

    Here are a few movies that are being made that I absolutely can’t wait for. 1. Dark Knight – Coming this summer. Batman with Christian Bale. There is no other Batman. 2. Indiana Jones – We have been waiting forever it seems. I can’t wait much longer 3. G.I. Joe – this one is for […]