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  • Mancation: Spiritual side 1

    I personally needed to get away so I could refocus. I have been very agitated, negative, bitter, and sarcastic. Mostly I have been dissatisfied. I seem to be not content with anything. If I get a guitar I need another. If my wife kisses me I need 3-13 more. If i have a good day […]

  • Mancation: Day 2

    Day 2 of Mancation with Rich (husband to Lori) and Matt. We went to bed way too late because Matt and I are addicted to our computers. I am dealing with this of course. Therapy doesn’t seem to be working though. I woke up in the morning and realized that it was 8am. This is […]


    Mancation: Def: To get away and refocus by yourself or with other men. To have fun and soak in life without your family so you can remember why you love them so much. Sunday Night I’m heading out on a 2 day mancation. I am talking off from worship for the first time in almost […]