Tag: theology

  • Vicky Beeching Undivided Review

    About 8 years ago I was contacted by Vicky Beeching about designing a logo for her women in worship network blog. I was super excited to work with her because I was a huge fan of her work since her vineyard days. I had just seen her open for delirious and Rebecca St. James and […]

  • Leadership lessons from the trail

    I was doing some internet strolling this past week while in prayer and thinking about ministry leading and I kept getting this picture of a trail guide. Once that was in my brain I did a little searching and came across an article on WikiHow called “How to lead a nature walk“. I found it […]

  • The Shack is EVIL!

    Have you heard of the book, The Shack? If you haven’t then please come out form under that rock. I while back I wanted to see what all of the talk about it was so I bought the book, devoured it, and then reviewed it on the blog. I loved it. Then I started to […]

  • Sanity in the church

    A book I read recently “The dangerous act of worship” made an interesting statement. “Have a sane assessment of your abilities” This made me think. Think about pride and doing too much. Think about how many people in ministry arent so good at delegating and people keep piling more on their plate. Funny thing is…If […]