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The Shack: Book Review

February 21, 2008 — 17 Comments

I just finished reading this book. I want to first address that there is a ton of stuff on this book already online. Some say that this is not in line with the word. Please keep in mind this book is fiction. Now on to the review. The writing is pretty good. It is written very simply and I think that the style fits well with the almost letter type quality it has.  The story is simply bout a man who loses his daughter due to her being murdered and he is called to go back to the scene by God himself. It takes you on a wild ride of internal struggle, grappling of faith, and mystery in the whole of the trinity. Please make sure you don’t take everything in the book as literal. There are times where the author sounds almost universal in regards to religion, but I assure you something in this book will grip your soul and twist it. Something in this book will make you rethink your walk and evaluate your faith.

You have to read this book. go buy it…