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…Continued from previous post.

So I don’t believe I have posted about our ignite service yet, so here we go.

Our Ignite service is our evening service geared for ages 13-25 and has been once a month. We have everaged maybe 12-15 kids to it. Not a bad number considering our church is not a very large one. We have been talking in our youth group about a shift in the way we are doing youth now. We are no longer treating it like a boys and girls club. It is no longer about playing games and then maybe we will fit God in somewhere. It is now about God and maybe we will fit a game in. There are so many youth here that are broken and hurting and quite frankly we don’t have time to play games.

So we decided that our main youth group would be like a discipleship meeting and that ignite would be the place to invite friends. We quickly learned that once a month does not work so we have since decided to go twice a month and the opposite weeks to regular youth meetings. We have been preaching to our youth that God can do great things in us and to dream big things. “Chase the Lion”.

I told them 12 is good, but Lets pray for 200 and see God move in this area like we have never seen before. We have been praying about it and talking and passing the word around and it’s has been great. See 200 people is a God sized dream because Fire code says we can’t have more than 185 people. We were praying that God would make a way any way.

Sunday morning oddly enough we announce that we will be moving and everyone of the youth are thinking WOW! guess this 200 people thing is even more than possible.

Sunday night (last night) it comes time for the ignite service and we didn’t know what to expect, but God is moving through these kids so…God size dreams.

All of a sudden tons of people start showing up. We had 62 people last night. Up from 15 at the last service we did. I met a new youth pastor named brian is is just as fired up about the move of God here and he is bringing his youth to the service so they can get pumped for God as well.

I was floored. God is really amazing. My HS youth were like I have never seen them before. God was meeting them for thier faithfulness. You could see it in those who don’t normally worship lifting thier hands to the High King of heaven. They were fired up that God came thru with his promises and they went home that night even more fired up. Our HS group are opening up and being honest. We had a major spiritual breakthrough last night.

Aint no rocks gonna cry out in our place. Our church was filled with people hungry for something different.

Forget revival..I want to see an awakening…an outpouring of the holy spirit on these kids that will permeate through them at school, at home, and everywhere.

“Father…bless them keep them…help them be flames or Bonfires and not just pilot lights for you! IGNITE their hearts!”

By the way here is the set list for last night:

Rain Down – Martin Smith

Revolutionary Love – Crowder
All We Need – Charlie Hall
All Because of Jesus – Fee
O Praise Him – Crowder
You Amaze Me – Michael Neale

Mighty To Save‚Ä® – Hillsong
Break Free – United
We Cry Out – Brian Johnson

I just got the Flip video Ultra in the mail via amazon. This little thing is the 60 min video recording USB device. They just came out with a newer model, the mino. Which is a little thinner and has rewind, but I got the Ultra for less than $120. Let me tell you it is packaged like a mac. Clean and pretty. Yes I said pretty. And it works like a charm. It even lets you upload direct to your Youtube account. Very cool.

I hope to bring some video of our services to you guys soon. GO GET ONE!