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The new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD is out…and you are worried about spending the 7.99 on itunes. I get that totally. So here is how you can get it for free.

Go to your CD collection and grab these CD’s/book:

  1. Panic at the Disco
  2. Kings X
  3. Flemming & John
  4. Blondie
  5. Queen
  6. Bjork
  7. Alice in Wonderland Book have them? Now…throw them in a blender..use the PULP setting for about 32 sec.

Once it stops look inside…

do you see the new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD?

hmm…didn’t work..

well lets go to plan B and save you $70+ because instead of buying all the CD’s above you could buy:

the new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD

and join the COOL club!