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Here is what we are doing for Good Friday. I took the order of service from Jordan because it was fantastic. I added and took away a bunch of stuff.

Everything in Red are the songs being sung. The service layout with going to black is really a Tenebrae Service which is typically done on Maundy Thursday, but I really like this order and I think it is going to be fantastic. We will end it with writing our sins on paper, lighting them and putting them in a bowl on the altar

We are working on some projected visuals for each section along with working on the look with some large paintings in the vein of the Jesus Painter.

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There is a Redeemer – D (Green)

We Praise Your Name – D (Klamperts)

More Than Ever – D (Reider)
Forever – E (Tomlin)
Our Love is Loud – E (Crowder)

Open the Eyes of my heart- E (Baloche)

I Will Lift my Eyes – G (Bebo Norman)

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

By Your Grace – C (Klampert)
Nothing with out You– C (Bebo Norman)

David Danced – Em
Never Let Go – A (redman) Alternate song