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CD Reviews Coming soon

March 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

Thanks to Integrity Music and Some other guys I have a bunch of new CD’s that I will have reviews up for.

Some of them are:

Sojourn Music – Before the Throne (interview and Review)

Deluge (Live from Bethany Wolrd Prayer Center)

Worth Dying For – Self-titled

Ken Reynolds – Great things

Jared Anderson – Where Faith Comes From

Kathryn Scott – I Blelong

Michael Neale – No Greater Audience

Leeland – Opposite Way

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten & Pocket full of sunshine

For the longest time my six year old Tristan wanted to be Stevie Ray Vaughn..Then he wanted to be Steve Vai….Then Eric Clapton or John Pettrucci. Today he put on his Christmas outfit and told me who he wants to be now. He tried his best mock pose of the Typical video by Mute Math. Seems he wants to be their guitarist.
Looks like he is gonna give them a run for their money. What do you think?

in random order…my top 5 for the week

1. Isreal Houghton and the new breed – deeper well (say so song ROCKS your face off)

2. DC*B – Remedy

3. Michael Neale – No greater audience (this might be on par to beat vicky beeching for most times on this list)

4. Sara Groves – Add to the Beauty

5 Counting Crowes – August and everything (one of the best…classic greatness)


Fleming and John: 1994-present

Fleming and John is a musical husband and wife team, Fleming McWilliams and John Mark Painter, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. They have 2 CD’s out and have finally announced on their Myspace that they are working on a new Cd. Considering the last one was in 1998 I cant wait. In the mean time they have worked with many top artists like ben folds doing recording producing and playing on others CD’s. John has also done some movie soundtracks.For a while they got almost famous. They even got on Conan O brian… Fleming has one of the best female voices in the industry and they sadly didnt get much credit. On their second CD John plays something like 60 instruments. They are amazing.I saw them live at Cornerstone festival in IL i think in 1993. What an amazing show. Here voice is captivating. It is operatic yet rocky. they have straight rock feel and very experimental on top.



CD’s they are on or have worked on

Ben Folds Songs for Silverman, Super D, Speed Graphic, Sunny 16, Rockin’ The Suburbs, Reinhold Messner, Whatever and Ever AmenTrail of Dead: Worlds Apart, Source Tags and Codes, Relative WaysSpoon:William Shatner: Has BeenLynne Me Your Ears: Jeff Lynne TributeI Predict a Clone: Steve Taylor TributeVietnam, a Musical RetrospectiveJohn Mayer: Room for SquaresTrain: Drops of JupiterJars of Clay: The 11th HourSixpence None the Richer: Sixpence None the RicherLee Ann Womack: Something Worth Leaving BehindDC Talk: Jesus Freak, Free at LastGRITS: The Art of TranslationIndigo Girls: SwampopheliaNanci Griffith: The Flyer

What the wednesday

October 10, 2007 — 7 Comments

Ah the second installment and this one is juicy. Make sure you check out everything here. Or else…and yes that was a threat.

1. My brother Jeff Just started a new blog of randomness. Some funny stuff on there. Give him some love. Then when you are done there check out his music. He is brilliant songwriter.

2. Go check out the winner of the 50k contest Gabe. He is a great man of God with a few killer sites and podcast. He is also involved with the critically acclaimed blog for men AC180.

3. Worship House Media is offering a bunch of free motion loops for your church presentation graphics. Get them here.

4. Mudpuppy had a great post on the 4c’s of blogging. If you dont get how to work this whole blog thing….read it.

5. Want to assess your worship service? Take a worship audit.

6. My good buddy Jeremy has a great blog about his life and worship in youth ministry. You need to check it out. He also this week talks about the origin of the words “textfessional” and swears I stole it from him. I don’t know how accurate that is and yes I started using 1 week after he did, but I think it was God inspired. Poor guy. Throw the man a bone…His thoughts are well worth a read.

7. 2 more important sites. BAN COMIC SANS and SKULL A DAY

So did you check the sites out? Like my brothers music?

I’ll leave with 3 thoughts to ponder.

Why is there braile at drive thru ATM’s?
Considering 7-11 is open 24-7 and never close why do they have locks on the door?
Was smurfet hiding the truth behind her “working girl” evening job?