Sojourn Music: CD Review

It has been a long time coming. I have had this CD running for a few weeks now and every time I listen to it it blows me away. The CD is called, Before the Throne, by Sojourn Music. So who are these guys. on their site it says “New songs for worship, rich in … Read moreSojourn Music: CD Review

The Shack: Book Review

I just finished reading this book. I want to first address that there is a ton of stuff on this book already online. Some say that this is not in line with the word. Please keep in mind this book is fiction. Now on to the review. The writing is pretty good. It is written … Read moreThe Shack: Book Review

Paternaty Leave = Catchup

It is amazing how much you end up having to do when you didn’t do it for a week. My design jobs stacked up…my church work stacked up…my stacks stacked up. So the blog gets some delays in its normal broadcasting which I hate doing. so lets talk about some books ive read recently. They … Read morePaternaty Leave = Catchup