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a ton to read, but if you want real…and real community…this is as real as it gets…

There are a ton of naysayers about the whole blogging thing.

have you heard them before?

In the last 3 years have built real freindships online with people I have never met and I am floored by it.

Is it odd?

Of course, but often times when i’m dealing with something or God is dealing with something they are my go to people.

I could go and rattle off the people that are like that…but for the sake of not having a boring post i want to mention a few.

Our family is dealing with some interesting things lately and our church is going thru some really wild God things.

I can’t post about some if it, but other things I have shared a tad.

We are going through a money crunch right now. Probably like everybody else.

Time is always a factor. I am a stay at home dad with 3 boys, my wife works and I work doing design. Problem is my design business is pretty much depleted. There are other interesting things there too, but that is a big factor..

I am the volunteer (non paid) worship director, youth director (with partner), designer, Youth service director, go to mens meetings etc etc… Am I neglecting my family? No. I have margin there, but does that take away from making money being im home with my kids? You bet.

On top of this God is having our church move (new building) almost like a replant.

Our church has about 75 members and 65 coming on a sunday…yes thats small.

we started a youth service with 2 volunteers and running youth group with about 10 kids…with all of the above life issues and more…

and God has 40-60 kids coming to the youth service..

Are you with me? 65 people in church and 40-60 kids (ton not christian) coming to a youth church!

So I’ve been struggling with worrying about money and my family and God’s work in the church and God is just pouring out these hurting kids and those who he has entrusted to work with them have thier hands tied.

Of course there is more, but im not going to go into it…

At the worship community we started a pure praise study

Going through it and reading and interacting in the devotional is giving me clarity in my faith that God has this all in his hands..

I have had talks with my Re:create roomie Fred Mckinnon and have been able to share with him my heart and visa versa.

This is not fake friendship..this is real folks..

Alastair has noticed my disconcerting tweets and messages and has been all over tracking me down all over the web to talk and encourage.

there have been others locally who have messaged me on the blog with pray too.

Then last night after I had a RI wide meeting with youth pastors from 7 churches (YES WOW!) to pray I got home and there were messages from My longest internet brother Conner asking to talk via video. We couldn’t because my family was sleeping and I talk too loud. But we talked for over an hour via chat and prayed for eachother via…yes via chat.

And I really prayed..His family is hurting too and it was awesome just to cover each other with the blood of Jesus and connect.

Readers…I need to stress something…

God has everything in control..

But I am scared, worried, full of fear, anxiety and also full of awe of God and excitement.

If you don’t get blogging, facebook, twitter, tokbox etc etc etc…let me tell you…the body of christ is the body weather its in person or over a webcam. And my community online is so so so important to me and vital to me not wanting to quit everything daily.

If you haven’t connected for real…You need to because I have realized that there are like minded people all over the world that can speak into my life and I in thiers and my vision and ministry is different because of it.

Pray for me, my family, and my church. Pray that God touches RI with his Love and connect with me..

Come out of the lurking and talk. I need it and let me tell you…You do too!

Read this whole page…It is a real statement from a real church… WOW!…

I still find it hard to believe in this day in age we are still dealing with Christians who are more about rules than Love.

A poll…I have noticed a shift in the Church these days…a call to be bout you guys?