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Breath of Heaven

November 13, 2008 — 3 Comments

Here is my new song. It is a very simple (in your prayer closet) kinda song. I hope you enjoy it.


here are the lyrics:

Breathe on me O Breath of Heaven
Let Your spirit fall on me
Let my life be filled with Your truth
Lord renew my heart for You

Breathe on me O Breath of Heaven
Fill me with the light of You
Holy Spirit I surrender
Take my heart and make it new

I will soar on wings like eagles
I will walk and not faint
It’s by your strength that I am able
And by your spirit I am free

here is a new article on the healer story

also I hope there will be an outpouring of grace for this broken man. Go join the prayer group for him on facebook.

God is a God of grace, goodness, mercy, and healing.

There are a bunch of people I talk with in blog world who need prayer. Some have been mentioned before but I need you to lift them up again.

Stef – Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I have his family’s picture on my fridge and pray for them all the time. He is in the hospital right now.

Wade – Worship leader at Elevation church. I don’t know him but I do read his blog and his newborn twins are really sick right now.

Alex – a blog buddy who’s daughter is going through a difficult leg injury and they are moving through a ime of great uncertanty with other “life” things.

James – My friend has been through a ton lately. Mom passed away, dad had a stroke and wife got in a car accident.

Lori – Dealing with a difficult adoption and some major personal issues.

Let me know if you got them covered!

My heart is burning for the  Chapman family tonight.  I could not even imagine  how I would be in this situation. My prayers go out to the family.  Chapman has touched so many. Please from for them to night.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s youngest child died Wednesday afternoon after being struck by a car driven by her teenage brother in the driveway of the family’s Williamson County home. Continue Reading…

Here is my buddy from town. Local Youth guy Steve Patton aka The Czar. From the last youth conference we went to. They let him do his thing.