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So I want to make sure everybody who was following me comes back and relinks to me, but I also want to have the word spread that I have moved.

I have a ton of CD’/DVD’s to give away that I can use for contests.

Any ideas how to best use these to get the word out about the move and get people to change info and tell new people?


I need everybodys help with this one. I started this blog CECWorship 1.5 years ago in conjunction with my other site as a resource site to worship leaders and even more so as a tool of networking within my denomination. I have a huge vision for worship in my denomination (similar to vineyard music) and really portraying the idea of blended worship. I plan on moving forward as always with that, but seperate from my blog.

The issue I am dealing with is that CECWorship as a banner doesnt quite work for my personal blog if I am going to move forward with the vision God has given me.

I want to start another blog. A personal blog and bring over all the content from this one to it. The only thing different would be the web address.

This causes a few problems with trying to get everybody to move with me.

RSS feeds, resource sites that mist me, networking sites, google stragglers, I lose my hit counter (restarted)

This decision has not been made yet. I want your opinions and suggestions. I get quite a bit of traffic and while I am not hung up on numbers they have given me great resources. I have been able to get affiliations, sponsors, great blog friendships and awesome networking. I want to make sure that I don’t lose all of this changing the url.