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In preschool sunday school this week the teacher talked about communication with God. She related it to if the kids had a walkie talkie and God had the other one.

-She asked my 3 year old son Collin about it…

TEACHER: “Collin…what would you do if you had a walkie talkie and God had your other one?”

COLLIN: “I’d ask Him for my walkie talkie back”

Family of 6?

February 23, 2009 — 18 Comments

If your smart and read my blog then you are already jumping…

If your not smart and don’t read my blog then let me spell it out for you.

My wife and I are expecting a fourth kid!!!!

We are soooo nervous and sooo excited! Pray for us…for sanity and for wife and baby’s health.

My boys Rock!

June 25, 2008 — 12 Comments

Music is in our family and my kids love to rock. How many other kids do you know at age two who are huge Steve Vai, Pettrucci, Keaggy, Robert Cray etc fans?

Below we have my 7 year old rockin on his new telecaster. His hands are finally big enough to learn how to play the guitar. He loves his guitar, but really wanted one with skulls and lighting bolts. WHAT HAVE I CREATED!

Then there is my 3 year old who drums on everything and can actually keep a beat. It is amazing that he has kinda figured it out with out any instruction. Enjoy the videos guys




For the longest time my six year old Tristan wanted to be Stevie Ray Vaughn..Then he wanted to be Steve Vai….Then Eric Clapton or John Pettrucci. Today he put on his Christmas outfit and told me who he wants to be now. He tried his best mock pose of the Typical video by Mute Math. Seems he wants to be their guitarist.
Looks like he is gonna give them a run for their money. What do you think?

10th Anniversary

October 12, 2007 — 14 Comments

It has been 10 years with this wonderful woman as of yesterday. Kelly is my life and I have been honored and more than blessed having her as my wife. I tell her all the time that I thank God I didn’t get stuck with an ugly wife because There isnt a time when I am not thinking about how great it is just to look at her. These last 10 years have been amazing. We have been through some good times and tough  times and God is always faithful. She is an amazing mom, friend, wife and beauty. I can’t wait for the next 10 years. Our crew is getting bigger in the next few weeks. She is due with our third kid (dont know boy or girl) on Oct 28th. So any day now.

I dont know what I would do without my wife. I got married at 20 and she was 24. This has been the best ride of my life and we have the best kids ever. (Tristan age 6, Collin age 2.5 and ?.)