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  • NMFAPIMWLC: week 2 – withdrawals

    NO MORE FAT ARSE PEOPLE IN MINISTRY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE Weight: 260 253-255 Height: 6ft waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure. Why do I title week 2 withdrawals? simple. My wife found me in the corner on wed shivering and sweating with a baguette clutched within my ever shrinking arms. She told me later […]

  • almost

    I’m almost done with my confessional for this week… I’ve got some stuff to tide you over though. Also a question: Is anybody here interested in design resources and tutorials and how to apply them to church? Lessons in not sucking Archive of misheard lyrics For brent, mudpuppy and other mullet(ed) people Dr. Labberton (dangerous […]